Fail2SQL - An SQL logger for Fail2Ban

Introduction: I use fail2ban to block excess login attempts at my work place and it does a great job, but I kept seeing the same IP's being banned and wanted a way to keep track of repeat offenders.

Fail2SQL is called by Fail2Ban and logs information to a MySQL database including geographical location and total ban count. This information can then be used in reports, graphs or by third party programs to take further action such as permanent blocking, reporting to ISP etc..

Fail2SQL is written in PHP and makes use of the MaxMind GeoIP PHP API.
Download Fail2SQL, untar and read the README file for installation instructions.

The following information is logged to MySQL:
Name (from fail2ban)
Count (total banned)
Country Code
Geo Data (city, country)

Sample Output:
[root@server fail2sql]# ./fail2sql -l
HTTP(80/tcp): XXX.65.YYY.217 | Count: 6 | Geo: Lisboa, Portugal
SSH(22/tcp): XXX.19.YYY.132 | Count: 20 | Geo: Perth, Australia